New “post_type” in multilingual context and xili-language

Snapshop of new post_type: exemple book

Snapshop of new post_type: exemple book

Question: Is xili-language plugin compatible with a site containing multilingual posts featured with personalized post_type ?

YES – since version 1.7.0 – xili-language incorporates some new features to set a language to a new type of post (like above in a book example as described in codex).
We introduce some changes to not only display labels for post or page but also for other types of post as built by the powerful function register_post_type( $post_type, $args )

What has to do the developer of the plugin which add this new post_type ?

Less then ten lines of php code to link the metabox (at right in the screenshot above) with the functions xili_language_checkboxes and xili_language_linked_posts of the instantiation of the xili-language’s class.

Can you show the URI of a query of a category in on language ?
Example listing books in type ‘electronic’ and in ‘german’ :

What else ?

Nothing, it works like other posts or pages…

Soon more details when when 1.7.0 shipped…

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